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To Lee or Not to Lee…

With two days of organizational meetings complete, the Yankees turn their attention to the pursuit of Cliff Lee.  The club determines him their top priority outside the organization.


I wholeheartedly agree that pitching should be the top priority looking toward 2011.  It was the team’s “Achilles’ Heel.”  Sure, the Yankees weren’t hitting either but if the 2010 World Championship Giants have taught us anything, they taught us that pitching always beats hitting…


And that Brian Wilson is kinda creepy… or a comedic genius….I haven’t figured it out yet.


Cliff Lee is the best Free Agent pitcher out there, hands down.  However, have we forgotten the lessons of Greg Maddox?  We shouldn’t put all of our eggs into one basket. This isn’t a slam dunk.  One of the biggest factors working against us is his wife.  How do you compete with that?


Also, can Lee even handle the biggest sports market in the world?  He’s an Arkansas boy who has only played for small market teams.  Even Catfish Hunter struggled when he first got to New York. I don’t know.


The Yankees also state that signing legends Mo Rivera and Derek Jeter are their top internal priorities.  Regardless of age, Mo Rivera is still the guy I want on the mound in a tough situation.  If I can’t have him, then maybe Billy Wagner…


I have to be a closet Metallica fan…


Either that or I’m still creeped out by Brian Wilson.  (What’s up with that beard?  Why is it so much darker than the rest of his hair?)


And even if Derek Jeter doesn’t have the range of his earlier days, he brings intangibles to his team that no other shortstop has brought since Cal Ripken.  Remember when the Mets dumped Seaver?  Do you want that on your head?


The Yankees organization needs to swallow their pride and sign Mo and Jeter quickly.  They bring far more to the team than they detract.  Get some pitching to protect them and let’s get back to the business of winning, alright?


Now, I’m going to get back to trying to replicate that Brian Wilson Mohawk.