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Today in Yankees History – Christmas Edition

in 2001, Hideki Matsui signs a one-year $4.7 million contract to play for the
Yomiuri Giants. Hideki Matsui became the highest-paid player in Japanese
baseball history.   The Yomiuri Giants
see a long prosperous history with Matsui. 
Hey if it worked for the Rangers with A-Rod, why can’t it work for them?


in 1989, Billy Martin passes away at the age of 61.   He died in a Christmas automobile accident
as a passenger near his home in Binghamton, New York.  St. Peter is a well-know lightweight and
pain-in-the-*** Cardinals fan.  (Get
it?  St. Peter…Cardinals fan?) God is psyched
to finally have a shots buddy.


in 1958, the base path got a whole lot more dangerous. All-time career stolen base leader outfielder Rickey Henderson was
born in Chicago. The ‘Man of Steal’ will end his 25-year Hall of Fame career
with 1406 thefts and a whole lot of statements spoken in third person.