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Today in Yankees Baseball – January 3rd

January 3rd, 1920, the Red Sox publicly announce a deal made on
December 26 to sell Babe Ruth to New York for $125,000.  This was twice the amount ever paid
previously for a player.  By today’s standards,
that’s an intern’s salary. Harry Frazee, the cash-strapped owner of the Red
Sox, also secures a $300,000 loan from the Yankees as part of the deal.  That’s right folks…the Yankees at some
point owned part of the Red Sox (and that’s a full 58 years before the Boston

Picking Up the Pace of The Game

Major League Baseball has a great article online today about the growing length of the average Baseball game.  If you weren’t able to catch it, here it is (http://tinyurl.com/26e3bck). Don’t get me wrong. Nothing can compare to spending a day at the Ballpark.  Nonetheless, a trip to the Ballpark is beginning to swallow up more and more of that day.  An average game is running now just under three hours.  That’s almost a fifth of your day.  I contemplated bringing a change of clothes on my last trip to U.S. Cellular Field.   


Yankees vs. Red Sox games average about three and half hours.  Good job guys!  We’re number one! We’re number one!


I blame the need to advertise all those Yankeeographies.


So, Bud Selig put together a committee to figure out what’s going on.


I can tell you what’s going on…

If we’re watching three hours of great baseball, that’s one thing.  Watching three hours of a Batter stepping in and out of the box and a Pitcher dance around the mound after every curveball is a colossal waste of time.  Isn’t the whole idea to work quickly (at least from a Starting Pitcher’s point of view)? 


I’m down with the revival of the Running Game.  It keeps me engaged.  I’m also whole-heartedly against putting a clock on the game.  You wanna clock?  Go watch Football.  Nevertheless, these self-indulgent habits (some of which are totally for the television camera) have got to be curtailed in some way.  George Will discusses how these bad habits have trickled down to the Little League Level, so that’s where the education needs to begin.  Great, so this problem should be solved in about twenty years. 


Talk about efficiency.


Speaking of efficiency

Did anyone get a chance to see former Yankees Pitcher, Ted Lilly, last night lose a No Hitter in the Ninth? Lilly has truly flourished into a good dependable pitcher.  The Yankees sold him down the river without really giving him a chance to develop. 


At least we got a great pitcher in return.  Oh wait…   

Why Mark Teixeira might lead to My Hyper-Tension…

It’s that time of year – Interleague!  Who could forget such classic match-ups as Toronto vs. Arizona or Colorado vs. Kansas City?  We cannot always meet up with our “natural” rival.  In some cases, our team may not even have a “natural” rival, which leads to some pretty lame match-ups.  When push comes to shove though, Interleague is still the best thing to happen to Major League Baseball.


Does it devalue the World Series?  No way.  It just makes the rivalry that more heated.  I would make an argument that the All-Star Game deciding Home Field advantage is more devaluing.


However, speaking of devaluing…


The Subway Series

Talk about two teams limping to the midpoint.  Ugh! This series has been almost intolerable to watch, or in my case, to listen to on Game Day Audio.  The only thing it has going for it is that C.C. is on the mound today, facing Johan.


Which I would love to see if it wasn’t for…


The Blackhawks

Yeah, I know I’m not in the New York market.  Nonetheless, because Chicago is currently the center of the Hockey universe, it’s near impossible to find a decent Baseball game on television. What makes it worse is that the Cubs are playing the thrill-a-moment Texas Rangers and the White Sox are playing the limping Marlins (who are at least at .500 which is better than either of the Chicago teams can say).  I finally gave up and landed on Boston vs. Philadelphia on TBS.  Tim Wakefield is about to come to bat.


Talk about comedy, which is what you can totally call my…


Fantasy Baseball Team

Teixeria!  Mark, you are killing me.  You’ve cold again?!  You’re like my douchey ex-boyfriend. You can’t be serious!


Which speaking of being the epitome of professionalism…


The TBS Announcers

Come on guys!  I understand that Boston took a No-No pretty late into the game yesterday, but it didn’t happen.  Move on.  Isn’t there a game you should be covering?  I’m sorry.  Almost No-No’s are no big deal (unless you’re Tom Seaver).  If it was a big deal, it would be a No-No.  Am I wrong on this?


I’m going to spend the rest of my afternoon reading “The Yankee Years” and eating my homemade soup (which I made for the first time this morning by the way).

Nomar retires – Now be graceful about it

This week, former Red Sox Shortshop, Nomar Garciaparra, retired.  I have to admit, I was shocked … predominately because I could have sworn this happened last year.  Sorry, Nomar. You’ve kinda fallen off the map since that trade to the Cubs.

Come on!  Remember that four-team trade that launched the Red Sox to their first championship in 86 years.  How did that go for you?  What?  Too Soon?

In a statement to the Associated Press, you said “While I had the privilege of playing with other legendary teams…”  (You must be referring to those proflic A’s  teams of the late Aughts, right?)  You go on to say, “I always saw myself retiring in a Red Sox uniform.”  Really? If I remember right, you were pretty hurt when your beloved team kicked you to the curb.  I’m sure if you won a World Series with the Dodgers, this week would have went down differently.

Come on Nomar, there’s no reason to cow-tow.  You don’t need to.  The Sox aren’t going to retire your number.  You won’t be wearing the Boston “B” on a plaque in Cooperstown. You’ve got this great gig on ESPN.  People care about what you have to say.  Don’t be a Basic Cable “Keith Hernandez”, who spent many a season driving me nuts on Mets broadcasts, judging Jose Reyes against the “greatness” of his Cardinals teams.  Hello, who is signing your paycheck?

Don’t grovel Nomar.  You may not have punched your ticket to the Hall, but you’ve always been classy.