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The 2011 Baseball Season – Predictions

With the first week of the baseball season under our belts (almost), I take a look at the season ahead.
*This will be my first season in three years that I am not playing Fantasy Baseball.  My social life will grow immediately by two-fold.
*This will be “The Year of the Catcher,” regardless of Buster Posey choking worse than a fat man at buffet in his first Opening Day start.
*Barry Bonds’ trial may not be getting the buzz I thought it would, but it will be a whole new ballgame once Roger Clemens goes to trial.  It’s all fun and games, until someone from Arliss is indicted by the Feds.
*Both the Red Sox and the Phillies will not make it to the World Series.  One of them will, but not both.  The Fall Classic can only take so much of their obnoxious green mascots.
*The expiration of Baseball’s CBA won’t be half as messy as Football’s, but just in case, New York fans have a fresh pack of batteries prepped for throwing.
*The return of Baseball will always be like the return of an old boyfriend…sweet, but only tolerable in 3 minute intervals.