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Trish gets to visit Mike & Mike!

ESPN Radio’s own Mike and Mike broadcasted live this morning from The Cubby Bear in celebration of the Cubs Home Opener, which they are currently winning in the fourth inning. (Sigh).  Did I mention Xavier Nady just hit a home run? (Double Sigh)


Anyway, my roommate Megan Kelleher and I were armed with a Flip Cam and were up WAY too early.   Check out what happened!



And here’s what happened on the way home.  Rest assured, no muffins were harmed in the making of this video:


Happy Opening Day from a Facebook Point of View

In honor of this glorious Opening Day (aren’t they all?), the following are some of the funniest baseball conversations I’ve heard, had, or saw on Facebook all day…


Jessie S. set her Facebook status to say, “Jessie S. is so happy for baseball.” Jess, I’m confused…aren’t you an Indians fan?


Speaking of Indians fans, the following is just an excerpt of Maureen W.’s love letter to the Cleveland Indians Front Office, “Dear Cleveland Indians, I thought we were going to try to win this year. Remember? Oh, your cheap-*** owners got rid of everybody during the off-season? I miss the mid-90s.”  Me too, Mo.  Slap bracelets can’t come back quick enough.


Andrew R. says, “Go Baseball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Where?  If this involves me getting on the Red line in the dead heat of the summer, I’m taking up hockey.


Peter G. says, “Watched the Cubs get down 14-5 before I finally turned it off. Cubs, you are in serious danger of me allowing my son to grow up a Yankees fan, just so he knows what it’s like to win something. Stop sucking.”


On the same topic, Eric L. says “What the ****. There’s no one at that flipping ball park on top of it all.***** you Atlanta. I hope you burn to the ground…(again)”


(Singing) Go, Cubs go. Go, Cubs gooooooo……  What?  Too soon to start singing this ironically?


Upon David Wright’s homerun in today’s game:

Me: “Yey!”

My Roommate Meeg (in the other room): “Yey!  Wait! What are we cheering for?”


Jay S. said, “You know what I love about the Yankees….I don’t know anything about sports, but I still know who Don Mattingly is.  Now, Dolly Parton is a completely different story.”


Dujuan P. said to Jay M., “So if the Mets start winning, is Trish going to flip back to being a Mets fan?” Woah! Easy, aren’t you a White Sox fan?  Make yourself at home….stab someone.


When Johan Santana gave up a hit in the third inning,  Howie R. said on the Mets radio broadcast, “And the Mets will yet again not have a nohitter.” Dude! It was the third inning.  That’s like me singing karaoke at a bar and you telling me that I just lost out on my chances of winning “American Idol.” 


Mike G. said, “The Pittsburgh Pirates are in first place.” (Cue me falling off the couch laughing)


Lori S. says, “Hip, Hip Jorge!”  Oh come on, Lori! You can come up with something better than that….Oh wait! That’s what your adorable baby girl says when Posada comes to bat? I’ll go hang my head in shame, now.


My uncle said, “”Go Boston Go! May the yank’s suck Boston mud. ;-)”

I refuse to comment on smack talk that isn’t grammatically correct.


And finally, from my Facebook status, “Hey Boston! You may have won this one but don’t be shocked when you see all your tires slashed in the parking lot.” Happy Opening Day, ya’ll!