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No…Derek Jeter is Not My Favorite Yankee….

My Fantasy Baseball Team is safely ensconced in second place, which I’m perfectly happy with…right now (because we all know that I’m a terrible loser.  If I don’t win this whole thing, all hell will break out).  Hang with me here.  I’m just acknowledging the fact that I could be in far worse shape. A good chunk of my team spent what seemed like half the season on the DL.  One by one they are finally being activated and not a moment too soon.  My depth behind the Dish can be measure by the teaspoon.  Cervelli is available, but V-Mart is supposed to be activated today.  Woman cannot live by Miguel Montero alone.


Speaking of being on the market…

If you are a regular reader of mine, you know that I am and that I’m no longer talking about Fantasy Baseball.   I understand that there aren’t a lot of us out there, but can we please start to give female Baseball fans credit where credit is due?  We’re pretty smart.   On occasion, we’re even smarter than you.  Let’s face it men, we scare the hell out of you… or maybe that’s just me?


Regardless, if I get one more guy who hits on me with the following line, “Oh, you’re a Yankees fan.  I bet your favorite is Derek Jeter.”  I will take a Louisville Slugger to the side of the Bar.  There’s nothing wrong with Derek Jeter.  He’s a great role model and the best example of Yankees tradition since Don Mattingly.  Nonetheless, I am so tired of boys (if you act like one, I will refer to you as one) automatically assuming that women can’t get beyond tight pants and a pretty face. 


Hey! Don’t get me wrong.  That’s icing on the cake, but big boy… can you give me Jeter’s lifetime OBP?  I didn’t think so (.383 during the regular season).  And if you must know, my favorite All-Time Yankee is Don Mattingly.  My favorite recent Yankee is Mike Mussina and I think the most exciting Yankee to watch for in the future is Francisco Cervelli.  Now, pull your gut off the Bar and let me pass.


Some final thoughts on Ralph Houk’s passing…

Ralph Houk passed away last week at his home in Winter Haven. To honor the memory of Houk, the Yankees will wear black armbands below the Bob Sheppard patch on the left sleeve of their jerseys for the remainder of the 2010 season.


So seriously everyone… cut it out.  The Yankees are running out of room on their uniforms for memorial patches.  Every Yankee over the age of 75, stay put and don’t go skydiving.  Houk led the Yankees to a World Series championship in each of his first two years as manager (1961 and ’62) and the American League pennant in his third (1963). Over eleven seasons with Houk as manager, the Yankees went 944-806.


Yes, we shouldn’t forget that Houk was a great manager, not prolific but great nevertheless. He also risked his life for our country at Normandy.  Still, it gets tough to reconcile his harsh treatment of Clete Boyer, Ellie Howard and the fact that it was on his watch as General Manager that Yogi Berra was shamelessly fired.  He stayed quiet in complacency.  Sure, feel free to call me out for cutting Steinbrenner slack regarding his memory.  However, as a true Baseball man, I hold Houk to a higher standard.  For me, these memorial patches and tributes are getting harder to reconcile as the season goes on…

This Week In Baseball (From Fantasy to Flying Through The Air)

Thoughts on this week in Baseball….


Fantasy Baseball:  Yeah, I’m back.  If you would have asked me a couple of months before this entry if I were to ever do Fantasy Baseball again, I would have told you to stick your power raitings where the sun don’t shine.  In fact, I’m sure I did tell you that.  However, the sweet allure of Fake Lady Baseball has sung her siren song. 

     This time, I’m playing it safe though.  I’m in a public league on mlb.com. I don’t know anyone from squat and because of that,  I’m currently in first place in my division (although I’m probably not gonna win this week).  With every win, I hope I’m crushing the hopes of some adorable father of four kids.  (I’m looking at you “Four Little Rockies.”) 

        I also got rid of Beltran today.  Hey! To be fair,  he was supposed to be rehabbing by mid-April and he hasn’t picked up a ball yet.  I picked up from the Free Agent wire, Josh Willingham of the Nationals.  Sure, he’s not going to net me 407 points, but neither is Beltran this season.    Plus, Willingham is good for at least three hundred points and more importantly…he’s playing.


First Game of the Season:  I went to my first game of the season.  It was the Cubs Homestand versus the Brewers.  Sure, the Cubs won (I thank you personally LaTroy Hawkins) so I had to hear that detestable “Go Cubs Go.” Nonetheless, the game was great….messy as heck, but great. 

        First, it was the first game I scored in a while.  I forgot how relaxing that is and how smart you look doing it.  (Check out my new profile picture.) 

        Secondly, I was with good people…even if they were Cubs fans.  (May God strike me down.)  Actually, I’m almost embarrassed to say that it was the first live game I’ve been to in about a year where I didn’t brake down in tears over a boy or throw something at a Phillies fan.  (To be fair though, we’re talking about Phillies fans.)  I am amazed about how one’s outlook can change in a year. 

        I think my now famous roommate Megan summed it up best when she said….It not so much about the game as it is about the friends you’re watching it with. Unless you are Trish. Then it’s all about the game.


Most Stupidly Awesome Clip:  My Alma Mater, Fordham University, has rich baseball history.  However, let’s face it…they haven’t been a candidate for SportsCenter’s top ten plays …until now.



Who said we were NCAA Level Z?  Oh wait…I just did.  Go Rams!