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This Week In Hot Stove

League Baseball had a pretty shocking Hot Stove this week.  As a fan with two degrees and the inability
to score any job above minimum wage, some of the shenanigans going on are
frankly…starting to tick me off.


and Mo were squared away.  I think their
contracts are fair and the intangibles they bring to the team are incalculable.
Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about Jayson Werth.  What?!


can’t state this more clearly. Jayson Werth is being paid too much money.  Werth will be paid about two and a half times the guaranteed money of New England Patriots
QB Tom Brady.  (Insert my “spit take”


me clarify.  I am a proponent of players
getting their fair share of the Billionaire owners’ pie.   Now, let me clarify further. Tom Brady is a
proven commodity.  Like him or not, he
definitely earned every dime he gets.


But Jayson Werth by the Nationals? (Insert my second “spit take” here.)  Have the Nats finished over 4th
place…ever?  Werth is getting one of the most obscene
paychecks ever and hasn’t even stepped to the plate for the Nats.


starting to make that A-Rod contract look civilized.


let’s talk about Cliff Lee.  I have to
admit.  I too was swept up the “We need
to get Cliff Lee now!
sweepstakes.  However, while we were all
going goo-goo-ga-ga over an admittedly great pitcher, who was watching the inn?


la vie.  Lee didn’t sign.  That’s fine. 
We’re talking about the Yankees. 
If any team can suck it up and move on, it’s the Bronx Bombers. 


What’s “Plan B”?  (Insert my final “spit
take.”)  Oh, wait!  There was no
damn “Plan B”! Contrary to what Brian Cashman might say while looking like a
hacky-sack wannabe propelling off a building in Connecticut.  (Umm. If you don’t know what I’m referencing,
check out this link to see how the Yanks’ Front Office Brass wisely uses their
off season time:



was that why he couldn’t get on the phone with Jeter?


I the only person who thought that
Lee could possibly not be the best
for the Yankees?  Like Zack Greinke,
Cliff Lee is a small town guy.  (Sorry
Philly.  In comparison to New York,
you’re a small town.)  He’s essentially untested
on a big stage.  What if he was a head
case? Why did you want to lock up such an unproven commodity for seven
years?  Remember the last time a New York
team locked up a player for a long contract? (Ahem! Mets! Mo Vaughn!)  How did that turn out?


the meantime, the Red Sox were busy building a team while the Yanks put all
their eggs in one basket.


what do they do now?  Pettitte has just
told the team to not count on him, which officially makes the pitching staff a
glorified mess.   There are no real first
(or even second rung) starters available. 


team needs to stop stocking up on bats. 
The Yanks have enough and frankly, bats were not the reason why they
lost last year.  Russell Martin is a
great catcher, but aren’t there enough decent catchers in the system (even with
Posada moving to DH)?


team needs to build up the bullpen with long relievers.  Pedro Feliciano is a good start but they need
more.  What about resigning Kerry Wood?  Oh wait! 
We must have missed that on “Cliff Lee Watch”.