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A Salute to a Newly Relevant Cleveland Indians


the Yankees battling injuries and the Mets battling…themselves? This week I
turn my attention to the AL Central. 
It’s May 7th and the Cleveland Indians are in first.




right.  This is a team once voted the most
disliked team in all of Major League Baseball (even over the Yankees)!  A team picked to place dead this year is actually in


we’re only entering the second week of May but according to the “experts”,
shouldn’t the Cleveland Indians be a hundred games out of first by now?


it’s just me, but have you noticed how this year’s Cleveland Indians are
looking more and more like the Tribe from the movie, Major League?   It’s true and this is not a thinly veiled reference to Charlie Sheen ranting like “Captain Crazy Pants” in a Chief Wahoo
hat.  Think about it…

Left for dead, they have become the team to beat in the AL Central.  And just like the Yankees in the movie, the Boston Red Sox couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn when they faced Cleveland.


Just like the movie, the Indians have a big bopper with questionable immigration status as well (i.e. Pedro Cerrano).  I’m looking at you, Shin-Soo Choo!  If he didn’t carry his team to a Gold Medal
in the Pan-Asian games, he was looking at mandatory military service… in South


They also have a crafty veteran looking for that elusive championship.  However, I’ll say it now.  Grady Sizemore sports a far cuter hairdo than
Jake Taylor.


have you checked out Closer Chris Perez? 
This left-of-center (or in his case, right-of-center)
hurler is making the 2011 Cleveland Indians a relevant contender through out
the league, even if his look screams NHL 1994.  


I bet he would be far funnier in front of a microphone than Charlie Sheen ever
could.  But, that’s not that hard.

And The Most Hated Team in Baseball is…

Crazy Story of the Week:

According to The Wall Street Journal, the Chicago White Sox are the seventh most hated team in Major League Baseball.  Want to guess who the most hated team in Major League Baseball is?  You guessed it… the Cleveland Indians.  (Whaaaaa?) 

Woah! What fans were used in this study?  According to an Internet algorithm using various keywords to measure reactions (positive, negative or otherwise), the Nielsen Company used this study to judge how people felt about certain teams.  The Yankees scored a 1.8 on “the sentiment scale,” placing them a mere fifth on the list. Ok, understandable.  I’m shocked they didn’t score worse.  The Mets were ninth.  Eh, they haven’t had a winning season since 2008, but I guess if you’re hating on all things New York, why not?  But, the White Sox?!  And even worse… the Indians?!  How did the Cubs not make this list?!  Were “flip-flops as formal footwear” a prerequisite to participate in this study?  Was this pool of fans comprised solely of guys who hang on the corner of Clark and Addison?


Sentimental Story of the Week:

I downloaded Bernie Williams’ acoustic recording of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”  Call me a sentimental softy, but isn’t that a great song?  And frankly, Bernie gives you a great recording.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74U9ps86pRo