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Predictions for the AL and NLCS

Step right up!  The League Championship Series is beginning this Friday!  Place your bets.


The last men standing will be standing because of…pitching.


That’s right folks.  Good pitching beats good hitting.



I’m picking the Yankees to take this…obviously.  The Rangers are tired and can’t start Lee for the first game.  Sabathia is well…Sabathia.  ‘Nuff said.  He’s great.  With only three starts after coming off the DL, Pettitte was in postseason form with his victory over the Twins (so I think we can declare that ship righted as well). Hughes, in his first postseason start, frankly pitched brilliantly, recording seven shutout innings.  The only ***** in the Yanks’ armor is Burnett.  He’s terrible.  If they can get far enough ahead before having to pitch him, they can bury the Rangers.



You can tell your grandchildren that you saw the greatest pitching match-up of our lifetime on October 16, 2010.  I’m not being over dramatic here, we’re talking about Doc Vs. The Freak.  I personally think the Phillies might be the most talented team in the Post-Season.  However, I think the Giants are the only team that has the creativity to squeak by.   If the Giants can get out there early, they have a chance.


So, here is to what I know will be an awesome week of baseball as well as another great week of stupid John Sterling calls and inane chatter by Joe Buck.