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Why Brian Cashman Needs To Shut His Trap…

Of all the GMs doing nothing this
off-season, the one who has made the most noise has definitely been -Brian


What worries me the most is that this off-season isn’t even over.  He’s got another two weeks to create one (if
not several) more public relations nightmares.

To quote fellow blog, “TheSportsJury.com”,
is Brian Cashman trying to get fired?!


Listen… Billy Beane might be getting his own
movie but that’s usually not the next
career step for a crazy Baseball GM.


If Cashman’s butt actually ever hits the
pavement, he’s got something far worse than the sharks of Hollywood to deal


Angry Yankees fans.


In one hugely disappointing off-season (an
entire year removed from a championship), the Yankees have stood still while
everyone around them has gotten better. 
In the age of SABR, throwing money around willy-nilly is just an
antiquated business philosophy. 


I know he ultimately must deal with the
Steinbrenner family (speaking of antiquated business philosophies) but the
following are snafus that Cashman can proudly claim as his own.


1.     1. He’s
basically alienated Derek Jeter and possibly Rafael Soriano.  Yeah, he had a point at times but why
couldn’t he just shut his trap?  Way to
give fodder to folks like…me?

2.      2. He’s
gotten nothing accomplished.  How do you
go into the off-season without a “Plan B”.  Sure, getting Bartolo Colon was the next best
option but in reality, Colon is a “Plan D” at best. Signing Colon is like electing
John McCain president.  At his age, it
just doesn’t seem like a long-term investment.

can’t say your biggest rival in your division is better than you.  Even if it’s kinda true.