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The Top 5 Nonsensical Baseball Songs Ever

you ever sat in the ballpark and asked, “Why in God’s name are they playing
that song?”  I understand why the Astros
jam to “Deep in the Heart of Texas” during their 7th Inning Stretch,
but can someone tell me what connection could there possibly be between “Lazy
Mary” by Lou Monte and the Mets’ 7th Inning?  You know what I mean?  The following are my Top 5 Baseball songs
that make me go “Whaa?”


5. Lets Go Mets Go! – Who can forget the
rally cry of the 1986 Mets?  And sure, it
was great at the time.  It has Martha Quinn in the video for Christ
sakes (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzHwiDZ3pgQ
)!  Nonetheless, considering the sad
state of the team today, you have to ask why it still gets toted out during rain delays.  It just looks dusty and sad (expect for Gary
Carter’s ‘fro.  That will always look amazing).


4. All the Way – Who remembers this little
ditty written by Eddie Vedder in 2007 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqHTScDBsDU)?
The Cubs made such a big deal about the song when it first came out, but did
anyone take a look-see at the lyrics before they did?  “We know someday
we’ll go all the way.”    Someday? 
Talk about not wanting to hedge your bets.


3. Shout – Yes, the Washington Nationals
actually play “Shout” during the 7th inning. Come to think of it,
there’s probably not a more appropriate song. 
If you’ve ever been to a Washington Nationals game, you’re usually ready
to “shout, pick your heels up and shout” as you run toward the gate by the 7th.


2. Ok Blue Jays – Frankly, I never heard
this song, but I bet it’s pretty polite and flaccid.  Come to think of it…not unlike the team.


1. Go Cubs Go – I am well aware that this
will probably make me the most unpopular girl in the Windy City, but hear me
out.  It’s a catchy ditty.  It’s actually on my iPod.  The tradition is to play the song after a Cubs’ win, yet the song is about
future Cubs’ wins.  Why isn’t it played before the game? Again, talk about a team that hasn’t won in so
long, they’re actually afraid of the word “win.” Sometimes a classic deserves
more respect than a drunken frat boy serenade in front of John Barleycorn. 

Thoughts on this week (The Yanks, Ernie and why can’t Fred Lewis do my taxes?)

Tonight’s Yankees Game

Bases Loaded, no one out… the Yanks push across two runs.  Derek Jeter steps up to bat and scorches what is certain to be the go-ahead run; however, a certain Mr. Ordonez chillin’ in the outfield didn’t quite get the memo.  He was a steel trap.  Unfriggenbelievable!  Did you see that play?! I am absolutely sure that I broke a blood vessel and woke up half of Staten Island. 


I hate to say it but the Yanks are bit beat up right now.   New York Yankees meet the New York Mets.  They’re old hats at this injury thing.  You might be able to take a lesson from them. (Shudder)


Seriously, tomorrow is a night game. Rest up boys.  You have three more games in the Motor City and Johnny Damon is not going away.


I’m home this week for a vacation, so I actually got to watch the Yankees on the YES Network.  Holy Jesus!  The YES Network easily employs some of the most half-assed announcers in Major League Baseball.   Jeez! Michael Kay, what game are you watching?  Did anyone hear him say that the Yankees won 4 to 5 after the final out?  Even better, how did Sergio Mitre give the Yanks what they needed?  He went 4 lousy innings and gave up 4 runs!


Nonetheless, listening to Michael Kay is still easier than listening to Joe Morgan.


Thoughts on this week

On Friday Night, I saw my first live American League game in… Ugh, God knows when.  It’s embarrasing.  Anyways, I saw the White Sox vs. Toronto at the Cell.  It was a pretty interesting pitching duel that ended in extra innings. Normally, this would be pretty cool, but it was 40 degrees that night.   40 Degrees! It’s May, Chicago! Come on!  (Come to think of it, there’s a word play/weather joke here but I’m still nursing that broken blood vessel to think it out.)


No doubt about it, my heart belongs to the American League.  Those were the teams I was born and raised on, BUT there’s something to be said for the excitement of National League “small ball.”  The game just looks more strategic and elegant when you’re not slugging it out.


And FYI:  Fred Lewis is easily the most Accountant-sounding player name in all of Major League Baseball.


And speaking of the Tigers…

Last week we lost one of the great announcers in Baseball, Ernie Harwell.  With the loss of Harwell (and Harry Kalas last year), I’m reminded of what a dying art calling a baseball game can be.  When I graduated Fordham University, Vin Scully was our commencement speaker.  First, how cool is that?!  Second, talk about the personification of elegance.  Now, when my name was called to get my diploma, if I only could have gotten him to say…”Now batting…”