This Week In New York Baseball

Dillon Gee is now 6-0.  6-0?  Man, he’s got to be due for an injury soon.  (He is a Mets Pitcher after all.)


The Yankees are 5-3 on their current West Coast Trip.  Regardless of what happens today, I still consider this a great victory.  Let’s face it.  The Yankees are normally terrible on these West Coast swings.  If they didn’t come home with a decent record, you know they would have left Nick Swisher in Oakland.  (With the way he’d been hitting as of late, that wasn’t necessarily a joke.)


Finally, Jeter is 15 hits away from 3000.  I think we’re all looking forward to him achieving this goal.  First, it’s virtually locks him in for the Hall of Fame.  Second, it stops the “drunk text” countdowns from my friends at all hours of the night. Finally, the Yankees can focus on winning games and Jeter can go back to those terrible Ford Fusion commercials.


Seriously Folks, do you really believe he would drive a Ford Fusion?

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