Why Phil Hughes and Chauncey Billups Aren’t That Much Different…

Sure, they might
share a city, but the Knicks and Yankees have more commonalities than you
think. I’m talking specifically about Phil Hughes and Chauncey Billups.


Hear me out…


Yankees fans
have been pretty disappointed by Phil Hughes and his “dead arm.”  However, I encourage them to look at the
situation from a Chauncey Billups point of view.

A Chauncey Billups point of view?  Like I said, hear me out…


Is this post-Hughes Yankees pitching staff a dream
scenario?  Of course not.  Is Chauncey Billups the Knicks’ ideal point
guard? No.


Chauncey Billups is essentially a placeholder.  He’s holding fourteen million dollars to get the missing stud the Knicks so desperately need after
the new CBA agreement (and probable NBA lockout) are negotiated.  

Garcia and Colon are more than capable
placeholders until Hughes comes back. 
If he doesn’t come back, then they hold the fort until a sexier ace
hits the block around the trading deadline.

And if there’s one thing the Yankees are fairly decent at, it’s negotiating the trade deadline to their advantage.


If Billups can stay healthy and Garcia/Colon can
continue to eat up innings, each respective team has the ability to turn the
corner and cure serious Achilles’ heels.

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