My name is Trish…and I am a Baseball Fan

name is Trish Vignola.  I’m a 32-year-old
freelance writer and standup comedian.  I
am also a giant Baseball fan.  You might
say that Baseball is in my pedigree.  I
was born the same day the New York Yankees clinched the 1978 World Series.  My dad claims that I was out by the 7th
inning, because I never met a celebration pileup I didn’t like.  My mom claims I was almost named after
Catfish Hunter…but then the anesthesia wore off. 

then, I have gone on to visit 30 stadiums (most of them on my own).  I was hit on by two National League mascots
(I’m going on record by saying that American league Mascots are always perfect
gentlemen).  I’ve pull tarp (oh! When
they say, “Let Go”, you should or you’re doing a header down the field).  I’ve published several articles; accidently
got a Yes Network commercial and met “Mike and Mike”.  (If you’re wondering, Mike is the cutest.)  Seriously though, Baseball has always played
a major role in my life.

why Baseball?  Baseball is the illustration
of everything I find great about competition. 
You play to win.  Nonetheless, in
life as in Baseball, you can only have one winner (unless it’s the 2002
All-Star Game).  So, what do you do if
you lose?  You pull yourself together
because tomorrow is another game.   For
someone who grew up to find herself in the highly competitive field of comedy,
it’s the best possible metaphor to live by.

As a
woman, I never have role models to encourage my competitive instincts.  Sadly I still find it hard to find strong
competitive women to emulate.  The role
models I did find I could look up, I found through Baseball.  Men like Cal Ripken Jr., Ken Griffey Jr. and
Don Mattingly showed me that you could be a fierce competitor but still leave
the field with your head held high.  These men showed me that you can play tough,
but you don’t have to play dirty.

In a
bigger sense, I love the democratic ideal behind Baseball.  Again, as a comedian, I always live life with
the odds stacked against me. There will always be someone stronger than me,
with more experience than me, lurking around the corner. In Baseball however,
there is a romantic (but pretty accurate) sense of equality.  Every team plays within the same rules, gets
the same amount of at bats, etc. Sure, you’re always going to have a dominant
team.  Nonetheless, every spring the
clock resets and everyone starts at the same starting line.  What happened yesterday doesn’t matter today.  Yes, there’s no reason that the Pittsburgh
Pirates can’t beat the St. Louis Cardinals on a given day.  It’s that believe in the everyman, underdog
that makes me love baseball and drives me in my everyday life. 

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