Thoughts on Football in a Baseball World

would be an exceptionally bad sports fan if I produced a Baseball fluff piece
today.  There’s tons of meaningful Football
(unless you’re from Chicago) being played as I write… and the Hot Stove is really cold. 
So, the following are some thoughts on Football from a diehard Baseball

1.   1. Next time someone yammers about what pansies
Baseball players are, I’m going to give   them two words: Jake Cutler.  I’m sorry, but this is the game of your
life.  There’s no playing for tomorrow.  They better take you off the field in a
stretcher if you can’t play.  I want to
see blood.


2.     2. I didn’t vote for him, but I do appreciate his no-nonsense approach
to the budget.  However, if he lets New
York pull these shenanigans of claiming the Jets only when they win, the next time someone yammers about pansy
baseball players, I will give them five additional words: New Jersey Governor
Chris Christie.


3. Stop calling Football “America’s Game”.  The NFL is about to go into a nasty contract
dispute.  Apparently, no one remembers
anything before 1995.  The NFL is as much
about the “Almighty Dollar” as any other professional franchise.  Come to think of it…maybe Football is
“America’s Game” after all.


4. Rex Ryan should get a thesaurus.  He sounds like an idiot.  Ryan makes the cast of “The Jersey Shore”
look like they should be on the faculty at Rutgers University.


5.     5. Aaron Rogers is a better person than me.  If I was treated by Green Bay and their fans
the way he was treated during the Brett Favre “Hissy Fit” period, I would have
told them all to suck it the first time Howie Long put a microphone in front of
my face.

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