Thoughts on Derek Jeter Part II – A Fan’s Defense

So, as quickly as one friend wrote, the other responded:

He was brought up through the minors never sought out, and practically, at times single handedly won several championships for the Yankees. He created a “Team” mentality amongst egos and was a silent Captain when Mattingly left in his first year in Baseball. Now, sadly he has gotten a big ego, but his talent, plays, and time, will whether anyone likes it or not rank him up with names such as Mantle and Joe D. If you’re not a true Yankee fan you’d only know this. The contract talks are ridiculous, but I’d hardly say he’s dwindling, but I do think for the sake of his rep, and retiring his name in the Hall of Fame he should grab it. And whether you like it or not he is an icon, on a team that is an icon. From watching him since 1996 I can confidently say that. It is sad, how over the years he has gotten caught up in the contracts and yes a semi ridiculous demand since Paul O’neill agreed to play for less money after he was getting up there in age which was probably the most admirable thing anything sports player has done. I honestly think if A Rod wasn’t on this team, this contract would have been done a while ago. Sadly, players are now measuring performances by how big the next guy is getting paid. Jeter is not A-Rod, but not far off. He needs to remember what he has done, what his limits are, and what he brings to the team in his natural talent and leadership and accept that this is what makes him the Yankees captain; and will etch him to be remembered as a Yankee great. I hope, that he, like Mariano Rivera will prove that despite his age he will continue to be great. And don’t forget Favre was 2 mins from the Superbowl last year, then he started snapping pix of his D*ck!

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  1. wibruce

    Jeter is not arod so what you are saying is that he never cheated so he should earn less. I remember years ago the Chicago Cubs offered Jeter more money than the Yanks did, but he never wanted to leave NY. Jeter has been a role model of the best kind like Lou Gehrig was. So why kick a loyal Yankee now thats he’s older? Would you pay Jeter more if he did a centerfold for playgirl? I just don’t understand how anyone in Newyork could ever say anything bad about him.
    I don’t see big ego, pride yes but stop and think for a minute what will the Yankees be like when hes gone. Hopefully he will play another 5 seasons.

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