Somewhere Jesus is getting a haircut as we speak…

Nick Swisher, Dude!  Seriously?  Four home runs were the best you could do in the Home Run Derby?  This man can hit one in the clutch in the bat of an eye (like last Friday night), but the second I have five bucks on him in the pool, he make me look like a turkey.  Next time we hang, he totally owes me a Subway Footlong.


And then I woke up…


Speaking of finally waking up, the National League won the All-Star Game?!  What the heck was that?  There was no reason for the AL to lose that game.  How do you leave Big Papi out there to run in the 9th inning with the game on the line and A-Rod available?  That’s like making the fat kid anchor your eighth grade relay team.  It’s just mean.


Speaking of stuff that shouldn’t happen…


I’m not going to lie, I had no problem hearing Bob Shepherd announce Derek Jeter’s name as he came up to bat for the past three years.  Nonetheless, am I the only one who felt super creeped out when it happened in Anaheim?  It was out of place for me.  For my Chicago friends… well, they were flat out grossed out.  Is it time to retire this tradition?  Has it become poor form?


Speaking of poor form…


It just seems unfair for the Yankees to be hit with the loss of The Boss so quickly after Bob Shepherd.  Like him or not, George Steinbrenner brought Baseball kicking and screaming into the 21st century.  If it wasn’t for him, Major League Baseball would…well, it would just be Hockey.


When George Steinbrenner passed on, there were a lot of Seinfeld salutes that went up on You Tube, Facebook and such.  However, I’m a big fan of “The Bronx is Burning” (the book as well as the movie).   This is how I choose to remember the insanity…


Speaking of the insanity…


Yogi Berra missed “Old Timers’ Day” after taking a nasty fall.  He’s already out of the hospital and doing better.  I am personally not surprised.  I used to work in the Front Office of the New Jersey Jackals, an independent minor league baseball team.  If you don’t know much about the Jackals (I don’t understand why you wouldn’t.  We voted Pete Rose JUNIOR to our All-Time team!)…


Note my sarcasm….


They play at the beautiful Yogi Berra Stadium, located right next to the Yogi Berra Museum on the Montclair State University campus.  With a stadium bearing his name, Mr. Berra attended games often.  He specifically loved to brave all types of weather and fish through hundreds of people to personally tell me that the bathrooms weren’t cleaned to his standards.  Don’t get me wrong.  He was right most of the time.


I do draw a line the day he made us repaint mid-game.


So, let me tell you. Yogi Berra might be getting up there in years.   But if he could scout me out of a sea of fans and employees to tell me to personally change the toilet paper rolls, a little fall is the least of his concerns.


Get well Yogi.  You’re the best.  Kinda nuts, but the best.


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