Nomar retires – Now be graceful about it

This week, former Red Sox Shortshop, Nomar Garciaparra, retired.  I have to admit, I was shocked … predominately because I could have sworn this happened last year.  Sorry, Nomar. You’ve kinda fallen off the map since that trade to the Cubs.

Come on!  Remember that four-team trade that launched the Red Sox to their first championship in 86 years.  How did that go for you?  What?  Too Soon?

In a statement to the Associated Press, you said “While I had the privilege of playing with other legendary teams…”  (You must be referring to those proflic A’s  teams of the late Aughts, right?)  You go on to say, “I always saw myself retiring in a Red Sox uniform.”  Really? If I remember right, you were pretty hurt when your beloved team kicked you to the curb.  I’m sure if you won a World Series with the Dodgers, this week would have went down differently.

Come on Nomar, there’s no reason to cow-tow.  You don’t need to.  The Sox aren’t going to retire your number.  You won’t be wearing the Boston “B” on a plaque in Cooperstown. You’ve got this great gig on ESPN.  People care about what you have to say.  Don’t be a Basic Cable “Keith Hernandez”, who spent many a season driving me nuts on Mets broadcasts, judging Jose Reyes against the “greatness” of his Cardinals teams.  Hello, who is signing your paycheck?

Don’t grovel Nomar.  You may not have punched your ticket to the Hall, but you’ve always been classy.

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