A New Shade of Sammy

Sammy Sosa finds himself back in the news again for anything but Baseball. Remember, when this guy used to be in the Headlines for Homers?  The former lauded slugger was caught in Vegas on November 4, with a new look… he was white.  Any person with half a brain on sight would jump to the conclusion of skin bleaching; however, Sosa claims that he just finished skin rejuvenation. I don’t know.  I’ve heard that a camera can add ten pounds, but I’ve never heard of it changing your skin color.


It’s hard to take take anything Sosa says seriously.  This is the same man who swore that he didn’t play his career with the sole purpose of induction into the National Baseball Hall of Fame, yet he’s still apparently patiently waiting for the call from Cooperstown (ESPN Deportes).  This is the same man who also forgot to put a corked “practice” bat away and used it in a game.  Sammy Sosa never played for the love of the game.  He played with vanity.  And now with all the vanity of a “Housewife of [insert name of city here]” on Bravo, he’s getting skin treatments that are literally ripping the pigment off his skin.  Kinda desperate, Sammy?
Speaking of desperate, with the Yankees most recently World Series win, it is hard to not to notice the sudden warm reception for fellow performance-enhancing drug offenders – Andy Pettitte and  Alex Rodriguez.  It’s amazing how winning is a cure-all for all betrayals. (Michael Vick better hope he doesn’t choke with the Eagles.)  Being that Sammy was never lucky enough to be on a Yankee roster, could he actually be trying to play the part?  Sammy and his inauthenticity strikes again.  
You can’t help but notice what Sammy doesn’t have in common with Rodriguez and Pettitte. Could Sammy’s self-loathing and vanity have lead to this skin “rejuvenation”?  Race and public acceptance in Baseball is an issue that goes back to the beginning of the game.  Ever see those death threats Aaron got?   
Nevertheless, another undeniable difference between Sammy, Rodriguez and Pettitte is humility. Unlike Sosa (or Bonds for that fact), these guys apologized.  Sure, maybe the shine has been dulled on their mantel but they have gained something back that Sammy and Barry haven’t, some respect from the public.  Maybe if Sosa got his priorities straight, we would still be speaking about him as a Baseball luminary and not as the blatant “Fashion Don’t” that he is. 

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